Friday, September 28, 2012

Football Game Look!!!

hey everyone out there(:

tonight's friday...which means...Football game!!!

here's a great look for the game!


here's a youtube vid...not mine btw! 

you can also...put the line thingys under your eyes!!! lol!


on top: wear team jerseys and spirit wear!! but don't forget a hoodie, cuz it gets chilly!

on bottom: skinny leggins and uggs!!!


hair ribbons!!!

i love french braiding, because its simply beautiful :)

(i have NOT done my makeup yet!!!)

you can also keep your hair down or pull it back in a simple pony, which you can put HAIR RIBBONS IN!!! don't forget ur team colors!!

you can also just pull back the front and let it flow in the back, with the ribbons(:

or do a super cute bun!

hope you guys have fun at the game!!! (:

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