Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Brown Sugar Scrub, BB Cream, and Kabuki Brush

so my friend tried the brown sugar scrub stuff, and it DOES take a little bit of experimenting to get the right consistency, but that's part of the fun right? ;)

here's mine.

second item of business: BB Cream.


and i have some :) i wanted to get the maybelline kind, but they didn't have my shade the time i went to target, and being lazy me, i just got this instead.  its the GARNIER Skin Renew and i have it in the light medium shade.

but one of my favorite new purchases is a........kabuki brush!!!

using a kabuki brush makes an awesome, smooth, texture on you're face with the powder...i just bought the elf one but it works amazing as the more expensive ones!

and here's the powder i use....its the oil control covergirl powder...i have it in ivory, because i have very light skin!!!

these are all pretty inexpensive things, and are amazing, perfect!! :)

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