Thursday, May 9, 2013

Fancy Frenchs!!

Hey everyone..I'm so excited because its a three day weekend!! LOVE THESE:)

Anyways, I've been super busy lately so I was trying to figure out some cute, easy, and quick nails - and then it came to me..I should try some different type of french manicures!!

I actually came up with this one and didn't see it online but here it is..

here's what i did: 

1. base coat
2. put tape on the bottom part of my fingernails
3. painted the top sliver of my nail with the Sephora Topper Chaotic..(CLICK HERE!)
4. took off the tape and fixed any missed spots and extended the polish a little
5. top coat

so yeah! i really love trying different type of french manicures and i think im going to be doing more of those! so ill definitely keep you guys updated!! :)


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