Sunday, March 24, 2013

I'm on break! :D

Hey everyone! Its springity spring break! :) 

It's so wonderful to just have some time to relax and take a break from school!! 

Okay so anyways an update... :)

I did try the french braid bun...but instead of a pun I put in a pony tail...which I liked cuz it was just like a cute little peek:) Here's a pic!

ummm yeah so these are not good pictures...oops...and this is after i slept on it...oops again...

okay...on to the nails :D i love these design and i'm so glad it turned out!!!

tutorial time!!

1. I tried the design out on a piece of paper and put on my base coat

2. I painted my whole nails white and put on an insta - dri coat

3. I put a piece of tape on the bottom half of my nail (except for the ring do it on the top half of that nail) and paint the other part black!

4. put black dots on the edge of the white and white dots on the edge of the black and then continue to make rows of dots that line up with each other

To do this I put the nail polish onto tape and used my dotting tools!!
5. The end! I hope you like them!

Don't forget the top coat! ;)

                If my directions are very this :) 

Spring break is gonna rock! :D 

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