Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Show Week!!

Ahh! This week is so exciting because week!

Between all the shows its been kinda hard to post but I do have one quick tip for you guys! :)

I actually got this tip from my friend makeuploverxo23 !! We're friends in real life but she's also on youtube! I love her video's! Here is a link to her channel!! Subscribe:)

Click Here for her channel!! :) 

Anyways, here's the tip!

So for play we have to wear lipstick for our stage makeup and stuff and for this year we have to wear like a pinky raspberry color :) idk how to describe :)

Here's the problem: Some people hate the feeling of lipstick and lip products and stuff and so she advised that you just pick up a lip stain!

This was her suggestion: Revlon Just Bitten Kissable balm stain :) The color we're using is like lovesick! (but a lil brighter i think) 

Balm stains don't really feel like anything is on your lips and yet the color still stays on :) 

I hope you like her tip and don't forget to check her out on youtube!!! 

Bye!!! :)

(and good luck to everyone at show week!!)

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