Friday, January 4, 2013


I was inspired by my friends nails and decided to do them! Here are the polishes I used...

Sally Hansen Hardener -See other posts   
Covergirl Outlast -Black
Sinful Colors-Sinful Frenzy                                                   SEE BELOW:)
Sally Hansen Insta Dry
Sally Hansen Super Shine 
No chipping Top coat

All these colors were really easy to apply and went on smooth and beautiful:) It was my first time using the covergirl nail polish but I had a coupon and though I'd try it:)

Here are some pics!!!

P.S. I'm back at school and wow I threw myself back in all the way. I'm super busy and also getting kinda stressed, but sports and music are help keeping me grounded:) Whats up with you guys?! xo

          ttyl!!! :)

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