Saturday, January 26, 2013

Straw Nails!

One of my friend always has amazing nail designs and lately I saw her rocking "Straw Nails"! At first I was totally confused by this term but then I started looking it up and found out how to do them! Here is a step by step tutorial!

1. Grab your nail polishes and remover! For these nails you need a base coat, top coat, base color, and two accent colors!

2. Put on a base coat

3. Put on your base COLOR-I chose white

4. Let dry-then put a couple drops of your first accent color (I chose black) on a piece of paper, and then dip the end of your straw into it

 5. Dip another straw into your other accent color (I chose pink)

 6. Dot the polish onto your nails with the straw, starting with your first accent color

7. Dot the other color onto your your nails

8. Put on a top coat

 9. Your all done!

If you want a video tutorial: look up:)

Hope you guys have fun with this easy tutorial! If you do these nails, let me know how they turn out in the comments! 

Have a good weekend! :)