Sunday, December 9, 2012

TWO Nail Tutorials!!

Hey guys, I feel bad that I haven't posted recently, so I have TWO nail tutorials for you guys!

1. Silver Ombre Nails

1. Grab a base coat, top coat, silver nail polish, white nail polish, glitter polish, and makeup sponge!!!
2. Put on the base coat
3. Put on the silver coat 
4. Using a makeup sponge put your colors like this-
5. Put the glitter coat on top
6. Put on the top coat
7. Tada!!!

2. Pale Pink Glitter Nails

1. Grab a REALLY pale pink nail polish, base coat and top coat, and glitter!
2. Put on the base coat
3. Put on the pale pink
4. Put on the glitter
5. Finish with top coat

6. Here ya go!

The end!! Hope you guys enjoy! What are some of your favorite winter nails and activities?! :)

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