Thursday, December 20, 2012

Happy Holidays! :)

i've been so busy lately!! but a good busy! i've been getting ready for christmas, exchanging secret santas, and finishing up schoolwork!!

so im finally ready to post tons of stuff for your holiday season!! :)

the first thing im going to post is some nail designs ive done in the past week! let me know if you want tutorials for these!! 

these designs were all super duper funnnn!!

the next thing i have for you is some last min presents for your friends!! 

1. Hand Sanitizers-we just can't seem to get enough of these things!

2. Hand Lotions-perfect for keeping hands moisturized in the winter!
3. Candy!! yumm duh :)

4. Nail Polish-if your like me, you can never get enough! :)

 5. Chapstick and Lip gloss!

6. Gum! Comes in many yummy flavors!

7. Accessories and clothes! (sorry its upside down lol)

I hope you guys like my ideas! Let me know if you want more :)

My final section is about outfits for the cold season!!!

Ice Skating: 

Holiday Party: 

i hope you guys enjoy this super duper holiday post!!! i hope you guys have a happy holidays!!!

comment below on what you are looking forward to this holiday season!!


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