Sunday, December 30, 2012

Forever 21 ♥

I just went to the mall and to the huge expanded Forever 21 store!!!!!!

The new location was sooo big it was crazy sauce. Yes that's right, crazy sauce. 

After browsing the store for a while, I found these three really cute pieces! 

These three pieces are perfect for New Years Eve parties :) I can't wait for my NYE photo shoot with my friends :)


#1: Woven Shirt in Sage: $17.80

#2: Casual Jacket in black: $19.80

#3: Career Jacket in black: $32.80

I love these pieces because they go with tons of other things and are just super cute! Ahh I love themmmm :) 

I know i'm enjoying my break, hbu?! :) 

I'll post my NYE nails tomorrow! But for now check out these two videos!

See ya later! :) xo

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