Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Uggs VS Bearpaws!(:

So today in science, our teacher was talking about my friend Ryan's awesome website!! 
He is an amazing photographer, and one of my photography inspirations! Shout out to him!! Click here for his amazing website! http://pixelclickphotography.tk/

So anyways this lead to a discussion about my blog...and at the end of the day he gave me a great idea for my post!


Uggs vs Bearpaws(:

so i took a survey with my friends: here are the results: 

I also asked them why they said what they said:

Person #1: I like Uggs, but they aren't worth the $
Person #2: Bearpaws, because they are less and last just as long
Person #3: Uggs, because they come in tons of styles and are comfy, and worth the $
Person #4: Uggs, because they are made of real wool, and are cozier and warmer, and worth the $
Person #5: Uggs are warmer, but if you are on a budget go with Bearpaws because they are so similar.
Person #6: Bearpaws are very warm and heavy duty.
Person #7: Uggs, they last longer, don't fall apart, and are warmer!
Person #8: Uggs.
Person #9: Uggs.

Here's MY opinion: I think Uggs are greeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaattt!!!(: They are warm, cozy, comfortable, and last pretty long.

But..if you are on a budget or your feet are still growing, or you trash your boots every season...go with Bearpaws! They are pretty similar and won't bust the bank!

What do you guys think, Uggs or Bearpaws??!

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